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The land of Elvis had always been strong. However, their society began to decline, and, as of three years ago, on the verge of collapse. There is a forgotten legend that says, "The man who is recognized by the Elf could gain the power to change the world.

" The Abyss Empire instructs the Elvin people to escape to others countries, though, some suspect that they are using this legend for their own "righteous" purpose.

  • Simulated fights with large armies, and time-based resource/structure upgrades. Choose different mercenaries to fight for you.
  • Multiple endings
  • Twelve main characters in this game. 
  • Forty careers to train your own character.

Game would be release Chinese/English/Japanese release  version in 2019 quarter 1.

Conviction  teaser

SteamPage : https://store.steampowered.com/app/811070/
Offical website : http://conviction.chimakier.com
Maker BLOG : http://www.chimakier.com

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