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“Conviction” as a mainstream story in SLG game. In this game, world is being destroying by dark-elf power. The man who is blessing by elf “Lead”, and his friend “Byin”,  young man ”Al.” Find a way to stop dark-elf together.

This game is made for pay tribute to single-player game” Langrisser”. Different from others chess game.” Conviction” focus on relationship between mercenary and hero than training hero. Player needs to choose attack arms carefully in every round.

@Lead / Al / Byin

@ Train character to hire more arms

@ Close relationship between soldiers and commander.

@ Each part in the game level integrated into the exploration elements of RPG to allow players to explore.

Game would be release Chinese/English/Japanese demo version in 2018 quarter 1.

Conviction  teaser

Offical website : http://conviction.chimakier.com
Maker BLOG : http://www.chimakier.com

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